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Greetings from Central Florida, Really good stuff guys. I keep saying to myself “I wish I had found this forum 10 months ago!”
Does anyone have any experience or opinions of the general agent: AHCP (Ameri-Choice)? Looks like I will need a GA for the advances, support, and training in both product and point of sale and for whatever value any leads may be (all in that order). I have a little over 20 years experience in insurance sales/sales management. Most in captive, personal lines P&C and management. Sold life back in the day. Health is definitely my weakest line. But it was some time ago and need to get up to speed on latest products and players in Individual Health and Life but, advances will be primary need. I figure I will be making enough mistakes in this new endeavor and really want to minimize as much risk as I can in getting tied up with a GA. Any other GA recommendations would be greatly appreciated. If you don’t want to post it, your welcome to PM me.
If advances are your primary need you'll have to choose an agency such as AHCP. They advance Golden Rule weekly at 20%. They actually pay a few days after approval. However, if you incur debt - which means your account goes negative they charge interest. Most GR key brokers will advance you monthly - 9 month advance - but not charge you interest on a negative balance - they'll likely switch you to as-earned if your account gets too scary for them to handle.
Rather than tying up your current (and future commissions) with someone who can and will steal them from you, get a second job to provide steady, supplemental income. Never work on advances unless you want to be owned by someone else.
@ healthagent

Could you elaborate for the benefit of the others out there with similar questions? I'm sure you could phrase it in hypotheticals if insureitnow's personal info gets in the way. I'd wager that there are a bunch of us interested in your comments about the GAs out there... if PMs really are the only way to share this, just let me know.

To be honest, I have no energy for arguing on message boards anymore. Taking an advance or not taking an advance is simply a personal decision. Who does it affect? You. There are positives and negatives to taking advances. Once you understand both it really doesn't cause an personal loss of sleep for me if you choose either method.

Many agents need an advance coming into this business. You can indeed supplement with a part-time job but for a myriad of reason that's not practical or even possible for some people.

If you do want or need an advance I can go over several options with agencies but I won't post it on the board and it this into a 25 page thread. Email or PM me or call me (I'll give you my number) and I'll be more than happy to give you a few options and point you in the proper direction.

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