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I believe it's a few hundred down then $50 per month ongoing. It was pitched to me that quote engines are shopping tools and this is a closing tool.

The pitch is the quote engines only have certain carriers - this has every carrier and you choose all the carriers you want to side bar to show.

I personally don't buy it - I think Norvax rocks this. However, I wanted to know if anyone had some experience with it.
I am a newb, but my Imo introduced this to me in conjunction with Norvax and its absolutely amazing.. As a new indy I find it very useful because everything I need is at my fingertips. Now, as for using this instead of Norvax.......I don't think they even are comparable. Together they work amazing and compliment each other well.
Anyone heard of or used this? It's being pitched to me as better than Norvax, Quotit, etc...

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I sent the Link to someone? the other day, Been aware of this for some time, Dont know if the Agent Toolbox v2 is worth the money, it is part of the "ONLINE "SYSTEM" they teach.

Webconferencing--Go to Meeting, Too expensive
Rapid Fax Service
Ring Central 800 Service

To me its not necessary, if you have a Web Site that is put together properly, and you have all the Carriers and Products listed on your presentation page. It accomplishes the same thing. Most agents dont have a website, so they immediately take them to Agent Toolbox to show they represent all Major Carriers to build credibility. Not a bad tool, along the same concept as Insurit. For Agents that have no credible website, or a Presentation page not a bad idea to look into.

Ever wonder what the Pajama Man teaches and the system he promotes??
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I have seen a demo on this... I'm not terribly impressed. I can only see this making sense if you work in several states. If you keep your files fairly organized, and work in one or two states, I think the money could be better spent.

This does not generate quotes. It's essentially a database of all the companies you are appointed with with all of the apps, files, software associated with each company. The pitch they give is that it increases sales because you can prove that you really are appointed with all the companies in your state.

There are other ways to do this. If you are not a Norvax or Quotit user, get one of those before even looking at this. The time-savings with a quoting engine is much more valuable than this tool.
I use it.

$50 a month.... you can add add'l carriers that you use and the upside is having everything at your fingertips.... brochures are state specific, forms, etc... log-ins.

Past that... the only other advantage is that when doing a webinar and you start talking about how you represent the entire "universe" of what's available.... you can scroll down the bar on the left and they see all this companies and links.... so it's impressive.

More than once I've had someone comment on a company on the list.

Neutral here is your budget conscience.... I suppose you could build your own in "favorites" on Ex7, but I took the lazy way out.