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So a month or so I signed up with ( and was assured they didn't buy from affiliates. I received quite a number of leads in the last 30 days and I have never seen such garbage. I would receive literally 4 leads in an hour and no one would ever answer. Agentinsider assured me that they only sold the lead to 2-3 agents in my zips I selected. I smelt some BS. Last night I went online and submitted an app for myself. First the choices came up with agentinsider for 3 agents, then there was a link that said netquote agents would be contacting me. I clicked on netquote and 4 more agents from different companies popped up and there was another link that said agents would be in touch soon. I clicked on the link and there was 2 more agents that I was put in touch with. All in all I was bombarded by 8 agents. Just an FYI for everyone. I didn't know that insweb, netquote and all sold to each other.
Ugh. The kind of stuff that makes us all want to throw up. Thanks for providing the info, though!
Does a lead company that dosen't resell to another even exist anymore? I mean affiliates are one thing but when direct sellers are selling to direct sellers its getting a little nuts.
Your MGA or IMO should help advise you in which lead vendors are good and which to stay away from.

I guess I can not PM until 20 posts (which I am working towards). Can you please PM me these companies that you recommend for my problem. BTW I am in Minnesota, so I hope that dosen't compete against you.