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Hello all. I've been lurking these boards the last couple weeks and have learned much just from what I have been able to read. To give a background on myself, I started out in an Allstate office as an agent ... excuse me subproducer for almost three years. I primarily focused on home & auto, and wrote some life. I am licensed in Tennessee with L&H non-res's in Mississippi and Arkansas. This year I decided to venture out on my own when I found out about AFLAC. Ok company, but I was running more into people who wanted major medical so I started searching.

Fortunately I received something in the mail from an RSD with Assurant not too long after getting with Aflac. Well I ended up leaving the duck when I learned about VoluntaryMart, which IMO is much batter for individuals.

I started looking for some other providers to add since one of my primary targets (single women) would probably need a policy that provided first-dollar benefits for their annuals since it seems that Assurant does not for individual policies (and if I am wrong on that please explain it better). Aetna was the one I started researching and was how I came to this board. It seems that the cons outweigh the pros here. Golden Rule seems to be a good one, but how would they be for women's annuals? Also, are there any companies with decent dental and vision add-ons?

On the life side I am with the dreaded NAA. I found out about them through a former coworker at Allstate who had actually filled out a lead and talked to the agent about how it worked. He called me and told me about it as I just so happen to be looking for life provider (he thought I was still with Aflac). I checked into and decided to go ahead with it.

Now before some of you come in bashing the drivel out of NAA, I have read enough threads here to save you the trouble of not having to repeat yourselves (that dvd guy actually made me like NAA less, I hope he wasn't that serious). :yes: I am always looking to learn and found out the best opportunities. Plus, I set up a life policy for my last client from Allstate (who called me checking on who their friends could get insured with while having I believe a pit) and didn't care too much for the actual price or to find out I needed to add a rider just to get their 20-yr term policies fully guaranteed. :no:

Based on what I have seen here, it seems like AIG, Genworth and Guardian are good ones for life (and more than enough. Now I did notice that Genworth said an independent agent must be appointed with an intermediary. What is an intermediary and how do you get appointed?

I'm also a little disappointed finding out about Assurant's advance caps being has high as they are after reading healtagent's thread. My RSD only told me about the $500 and $1000 and I found out recently that I was put on the $500. I talked to him about it and was told that I need to write a commitment for how much I will produce before getting bumped up to $1000. Anything else I can do about that?

Ok, I've typed enough. I'm glad I found this place and know I can learn a lot here. After all, why should I make mistakes that you guys have already made and seem willing enough to help new guys like myself out. Thanks.
I started looking for some other providers to add since one of my primary targets (single women)

Why? Premiums are higher and the young ones want maternity which is next to impossible to find at good benefits and rates.

As for appointments - call the companies DIRECT - except LIFE you might just need a good GA.

As for Advance caps - this could be your saving grace, there is a reason they cap you - you haven't proven you can write business or quality business for that matter. Essentially you have no track record and they don't want YOU OWING them money - WHICH CAN HAPPEN!!! I know of agents who have owed $30,000 , $100,000 to carriers!!!

Advances in individual health is really a dangerous territory, I do not recommend at all. Sure it will be a slower build, but the last think you want to do is owe the big boys a bunch of money.
Ok. Well I won't fight the power then and just make due where I am at. As for the single women, I should have been more specific as the ones I have primarily talked to are not looking for maternity benefits. Their main concern was having their pap test and mammograms covered in some form. Which is why I was hoping to get a better understanding of how Assurant works in that regard. They were previously or are still with Mega Life and Health so that was a major issue. They're hairstylist by the way.
IN Tennessee sell Golden Rule - 20% annualized commissions
and BlueCross BlueShield - 17% annualized commissions

Assurant can't compete in TN right now. Humana is OK, they pay out 20% as earned.
For the life, find a good, smaller GA that will talk to you and answer all your questions; they should have access to a good amount of carriers and good underwriting knowledge since you are just starting out. If the GA doesn't have a good knowledge of carrier underwriting you will get a lot of cases thrown out or declined or rated, which really sucks when you are just starting out.

You will need to go through a GA for most of the life carriers.
PPMG (Professional Planners Marketing Group) is probably not a bad place to start for life, LTC, annuities and DI. I think they offer company direct contracts. You can call them with a case and they will match it to the appropriate company. If you are not appointed with the company they will get you appointed.