Assurant is recruiting for life?



A woman called me and ASKED if she could send the following. I agreed and here it is. My guess is that this is NOT the Assurant health carrier but someone else? Anyway, if you are interested I suppose you can follow up on it as maybe they are looking in your area as well? It would be interesting to know who it is. (Note: I deleted her email for security reasons... contact me if you want it.)


Thank you for speaking with me about the full time sales opportunity with Assurant.

Assurant is working to build an elite team of experienced sales professionals to market their life insurance products throughout the United States.

If you qualify, you are entitled to: i) an extensive training program; ii) a base salary plus significant production bonuses; iii) a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental and vision coverage, iv) 401K and stock purchase plan; v) exclusive incentive trip contest; and vi) the opportunity to advance into Management.

In addition, this position involves access to an unlimited supply of highly qualified leads. Please be looking for their call soon with more info on this unique job opportunity.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Sandi Shadwick
Insurance IQ
800-858-5176 EXT 114
[email deleted]

Are you currently recruiting agents?
If so, just reply to this email with
“I would like more information on your services”
And I will email you some information and
I would not doubt that they are trying to move it on over to the life side because I've been hearing the health products are overpriced. I don't sell a lot of health, but I've been hearing they are not competitive. On a side note: the insurance IQ lady called me a lot with a lot of offers like this in the past, then some kind of crazy thing happened - and it did pertain to one of the big captives, and she quit calling me.
I sold their life products for a few years on the pre-need funeral division. I was in their Presidents Club.

They were pretty good and then one day poof...they pulled out from selling through agents and tried to go direct through their website at greatly reduced premiums. They failed at that.
I would love to contact this person about this. Can you send me her e-mail, the phone number didn't pan out.
I would love to contact this person about this. Can you send me her e-mail, the phone number didn't pan out.

The phone number for Assurant's policy service for life policies is 1-800-773-6333. I know this number is still good because I talk to them fairly regular. I think that division is in Greenville, SC.

The headquarters for their life division is in Atlanta, GA. I don't know if it's the same as their health division or not. Alan Feagan was the man in charge of life when I was there.

I know they are still active selling under the name American Memorial Life Insurance, they also own Allied Security, Pierce National Life and United Family Life. Their Preneed Life Insurance Division was bought out a few years ago by Forethought and I'm sure there is a non-compete active there.

I would be very surprised if they get their act together with a good life product. Fortis/Assurant never seemed to have a strong focus to me. Huge pocket with weak leadership until they broke off separate from their parent company. Then the deep pockets went away.
I checked this out a several months ago, they are two different companies, with different owners and no relationship.

A little internet research will provide the details.

Also American Memorial has been sold by SCI to an offshoot of Forethought, also happened the 18-24 months or so.