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Hi I am fairly new to the insurance business. I work with my dad who has his own agency that sells Life and health. We are also both registered. We have a lot of existing customers but we are looking for a way to bring in new customers. We currently do not do any type of marketing. We are looking in to telemarketing to small businesses and direct mail. We were thanking about doing a in house telemarketing. I am just looking for any suggestions and to see how others results have been using these marketing schemes.

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There are a lot of options depending upon what type of business you want to write. Almost all methods will bring in some business. We have chosen to buy leads from vendors. This way the cost is fixed per lead. If you do it in-house, you are creating overhead and may end up with $50 leads when you could buy them for $25- $35 with replacement of N/G's. Once you know which kind of leads you like, then consider going in-house.
If you hire in-house telemarketers you're gonna have to factor in costs such as worker's comp, federal and state taxes since they'll have to be employees. If you require marketers to work from your location you cannot 1099 them.

You'll also have to factor in expenses for advertising and training the marketers and be prepared for high turn-over.