Captive Agent Looking to Do Outside P&C Needs E&O Help


Hey guys. I'm currently captive with Mass Mutual and they require a ridiculous amount of insurance to gouge me. I need to shop it out to find the cheapest option for their requirements. I would also like to do P&C business though as I'm picking up that licensing. So I'm wondering If I should pick up two seperate E&O policies with the life holding required minimums. And the p&c with a simple million. Or if it would make sence to pick up one policy that covers both. Anyways here are my requirements.

You must have coverage equal to or greater than $5,000,000 per claim

Policy must be written without a policy aggregate for NY agents

Policy must provide Vicarious Liability for MassMutual

Policy must provide Trade Error coverage

Policy must have the option for an agent to purchase a 2 year extended reporting period upon leaving MassMutual

You are required to provide MassMutual with proof that the annual premium has been paid

MassMutual must be immediately notified in the event that your coverage is terminated.

The other requirement is 5000000 aggregate.

I was looking at NAPA, but unfortunately they won't meet my life demands.

Would I be better off just sticking with mass at $140.00 a month. and going with NAPA for P&C? or should I shop it out?