Captive Medicare Advantage Agent Salary

writing Medicare since 2013. The past couple years I may have sold five policies at best... The rules make it difficult and the FMO's are frauds

I started working the Medicare side in July, 2010. I did not buy leads or knock doors but I managed to write 20 or so applications during that time.

The following year I added about 60 clients . . . again without leads or knocking doors. All my sales were over the phone. All were Medigap.

I am still 100% Medigap, 100% phone sales. Still generating my own leads and still adding 50+ new clients every year.

Everyone is expected to play by the same CMS rules (although some slide in head first and never get tagged out).

I am contracted direct for most of my carriers. No FMO, IMO, etc.

Sounds like you need to find a new line of work. There is no security in being captive. All you will do is find another way to be screwed.

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