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All members of this board have been spammed by Carissa Sanders Marketing obviously as retaliation due to one of our members accusing them of providing substandard service.

If anyone would like to make their thoughts known about being spammed by this outfit please feel free to call them at 800-879-4176 so you can express your feelings. Or you can email them at [email protected] <[email protected]> and let them know through email exactly how you feel about being spammed by them.

It is a violation of the CAN-SPAM act to send emails with a misleading subject. The subject of their spam was "Can we discuss business, we saw your ad online." Since that is a clearly misleading subject we can only conclude that they are a unethical operation and since they have no regard for the email laws we can only conclude they also likely have no regard for their clients.

I will personally be looking into any possible legal action since their emails clearly violate the law.
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Know that I am looking through my old emails. They have spammed on more then one occassion with that same subject line.
I also just spoke to one of the managers or the owner - who knows. They could have have cared less. I informed her that our entire member database was spammed and her reaction was "Oh well, that's what we do." Again, this is a highly unethical outfit and I most definitely will be extremely active on other boards and websites to let everyone know how Carissa Sanders tries to gain business for her agency.
just called to ask to speak with Carissa and got a marketing manager and when I told her I was calling about a email I received and who the name of their lawyer was she hung up on me....hummmm...might try this again before the 0 insurance call in a hour....
oh snap....talked to becca again about my email and she said the office is closing and everyones leaving(then who is making the calls and overseeing the results..) and said the best time to talk to Carissa is Mon. because they always close on fri....then again.....
I think if there is one thing to learn from this it's that 1 upset or unhappy customer really CAN multiply by a lot of not handled properly. I've never experienced anything such as I have with this company, and I'm basically disgusted that this board has been dragged into this as well. Hopefully no more emails are sent to you guys.... although I'm sure they will still continue to market this way. Oh well....

John, thanks for the advice tonight. You opened my eyes up about a lot of things!! Next week will surely be an interesting one, and hopefully my most profitable yet if I stay motivated and follow my plans! My plan is to spend 2-3 hours in the morning every day next week distributing flyers, and then 2-3 hours in the afternoon on the phone. I'm very curious to see how many leads I can generate by doing this!!
You did nothing wrong Nate. You felt like you didn't get value for your money and posted it on the board where it belongs to warn members about this outfit.

How this company choose to respond confirms that they are a completely unprofessional company and that they resort to illegal spam to generate business demonstrates to me that they are likely a struggling company.

I apologize on behalf of CSM for the emails your forum (claims) was emailed from CSM. It is not a practice of mine to recruit customers from "forums" as we recruit very large companies and we are aware they are not in forums posting. Robots extract anywhere our company name is listed and sice we are part of that conversation the robot would have found the thread and then we send our information out. I assure you, you are not on any valuable list here at CSM to be used. CSM will not put forth any effort in any manner to email 1 of you let alone a thousand. We do emails and will not stop. However forums are not our focus. God Bless

Why do you put the word "claims" in there??? As if the people on this forum are lying about receiving this email from your company. I'm still not sure how you have ever been able to do business with a large company if you treat your customers as I (and the people on this forum) have been treated.

You come on here and apologize, yet when the people who received these emails last night called to inquire as to WHY they received them, you treated them like dirt. It was the explanation point on the unprofessionalism that you seem to portray over, and over.

Once again you state that you do business with large companies. I don't believe for a second that you are able to solicit business from large companies via spam emails.

You were obviously upset when I posted something negative about my experience with your company. I took down the post to be nice, and then you went on to prove to the other people on this board that I was 100% correct in my assessment.

Your half hearted apology is not accepted by me. Maybe if you had left the word "claims" out, I would have actually taken you seriously. All you were trying to do here is save face.... and you could have done that by simply being professional last night and apologizing instead of being rude and unprofessional.