Cheapest 30 yr non med level term age 29

That makes sense.

But if I have to arrange for an oral swab, I might as well get them stuck too and call it a day.

From an agent perspective, I'm not calling a swab non-med (even though it technically is) because it's an extra step.
Completely agree & I can't imagine any low paid examiners are wiling to do the swab only. I have heard of examiners complaining to consumers when an agent had the client complete a phone IV online or with the agent because the examiner wants to do that part too because the pay for blood/urine isn't enough for their time/travel if going to client house or business
I personally have not seen a swab kit in 20+ years. I think that was Americo.

Which company is doing them?

Guardian is doing them now for certain amounts/ages in lieu of a full exam.

No agent involvement.

They overnight the kit to the client, client downloads an app, takes a video using the app of themselves doing the swab. It comes with prepaid 2day fedex return envelope.

I think Mass has started a similar program for certain amounts/ages.


I think Guardian brought this back during Covid.
guessing the sole purpose is to look for hard drugs & tobacco to avoid giving a forever discounted non user rate that could be the difference of 10s of thousands in premiums over the decades or a quick death claim on hard drug user that might get caught on the saliva test. Script checks, medical billing & other algorithms are not likely finding hard drug use like actuaries would want to see.

HIV as well.
Mass is one. Scagnt said Guardian.

Old school stays old school sometimes lol.

Sometimes old school is the new new school!

Just wait until those express UW programs start seeing how many people lied about tobacco use or drugs. Or just the medical info that does not get registered.

I've personally had 2 people with high bp get through at Preferred when they clearly would have been Std with full UW.


Interestingly with Guardian, they no longer require an exam up to $5m if the person has had labwork in the past 12 months that includes full lipid/metabolic panel. The catch is that most lab work does not include the full lipid panel.