Chronic Illness and Secure Horizons

policy doctor

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What is going on here? Just got an email from my FMO to take a certification test online for their chronic illness MA.

This is to inform you that Secure Horizons has recently added a new certification for EverCare Chronic Illness product. This is different from the previous EverCare certification that was required early this year. That certification was only for EverCare SNP Plans. If you are selling EverCare in any of the following 7 states where EverCare Chronic Illness product is offered, it is required that you also take this new certification.

Now folks, I am getting test weary with all this crap. Plus, this is valid for a few months only and then you have to retake this test, and 5 others, for any other carriers you have for the 2008 enrollment.

Now what is this chronic illness you ask? Glad you asked. Try COPD, Asthma, Dementia....

So in a few months do we get another breakout plan for another set of Parkinsons, MS, Macular Degeneration, etc.??

I want one of those jobs! Some fat ass is sitting around dreaming up different ways an MA can be "useful" in order to tap more CMS funds. I'm creative and can baffle with bulls**t like they do. Oh yeah, and tell them they get enhancements, like the freebies Medicare provides already.

"Step right up, folks, you say you got sleep apnea, boy do I have a plan for you! Air in a can.:arghh: Maybe i should sell that.....oxygen.
A lot of carriers are looking to do SNP plans since they pay better.

Humana used to make the agents submit any problems that they client reveled to them so they could submit them as "high risk" and get more $. That is no more since they now do it via tracking the clients drug usage.

Stub your toe once, well we have this walking impairment plan. Can't see so well anymore, just sign this poster board and this plan will help you.