DHK was asked to be the Chairman for RBC designation!

Okay, it's taken a while (to say the least), but yesterday I got the practitioner manual for the IARFC Business Owner Consulting Workshop!

Well, things may move slow... but we're finally getting started on reviewing what was there, expanding the content, and modernizing it, particularly for a Zoom environment!

So we'll see what develops!

Just got back from the IARFC 40th Anniversary event... where I got 'the goods'!

First, I got the 1st place Member award for 2023!


But FAR more importantly... I got the CD-ROM of all the existing content!


I've already met with Barry Dayley, CFP, MRFC regarding the build-out of the content, enlisting other's expertise, and how we'll position this content.

While I've signed an NDA, I can tell you that the current simplicity of everything... is brilliant in its current design.
You never know what you'll find on eBay:


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The first manual (left) is 1 1/2" thick.

I printed the entire contents of the CD-ROM (aside from a couple of spreadsheets and a PowerPoint). That's a 3" manual.

Lots to review!


Just to share an update of all the supplemental materials I've written for the IARFC business owner curriculum, not including the actual textbook yet to be started. I feel the incredible responsibility to create something very comprehensive and thorough. I'm sure these will change and evolve even more as we continue to develop this:
1. Adapting to Virtual Meetings
2. Ask with Salt
3. Cold Calling Success
4. Cold Calling The Five Ways out of Business
5. Commissions, Fees, and Professional Identity Issues
6. Creating and Compiling PDF documents
7. Disability and Critical Illness Discussion
8. Do you need a PEO
9. Modern Documents Archive Case
10. Sequential Marketing
11. Setting up your CRM
12. Social Media and LinkedIn
13. Textbook Structure Outline
14. Textbook Structure
15. The Krumroy Method
16. Transition from Mail to Digital Opt-In
17. Use Color in your Proposals
18. Vegetables vs Candy Approaches
19. What is your Endgame
20. Who is your prospect
21. Your Self-Printed Marketing Materials