Door to Door


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I decided to try going door to door selling senior products. The following is my results so far.

Expenses: gas $ 60.00, flyers $ 10.00, senior list $ 50.00
total cost $ 120.00

20 hrs. of door to door 6 solid prequalified appointments
First 3 appointment I sold 2 med. supps and a life policy
total commision $ 1,000.

I still have 3 appointments left, 2 couples for med supp and a final expense. Potential for another $ 1,500 commision.

I will keep everyone posted on future results.
Ok. But what if gas goes to $300 per gallon? Then, your numbers aren't so impressive big guy.

Seriously...that's a hellofa rate of return. It will be interesting to track your numbers over a longer period of time.
My flyer is very basic. It just has Med Sup and final expence plan on it with my name and phone number on it. I only use it to get them engaged in a conversation.
Outstanding!!!! Good job! Well done! Very impressive, you must be very good at what you do. There is no substitute for the personal touch and a face to face meeting. At least I don't think so.

You may not have done nearly as well if you had tried to call those same people on the phone.

Keep us informed. Know that you will also have days that suck. It's the nature of what we do, without them how would we know when we really had a good day? LOL
Insuranceman- Outstanding!
I've done door-to-door follow up on direct mail leads with good success and it actually can be a lot of fun especially in nice weather. My problem is I cannot keep at it day in and day out and I think that's what it takes. I have a friend, now retired, who did door to door selling senior products every day dressed in a suit and tie - he looked like a banker coming to visit- and he did real well financially. He had thousands of med supps on the books when he retired!

Keep us updated on your continued success!
I only use it to get them engaged in a conversation.

Which is the only thing it should be used for! I see too many agents trying to find a flyer that will SELL THE PLAN FOR THEM! All a flyer should be used for is an ice breaker, it gets you butt in the door.

Don't expect someone to call you and say, "Hello, I got your flyer you dropped off, if you can swing by this Monday so I can fill out an application, I'm really excited to be working with you and talking about insurance!"

If someone has a flyer that will do that let me know?