Enrolled someone in a med supp, now he has Medicaid?

Yes. This is off of American Financial Security/Aetna eapp:

"1.You do not need more than one Medicare Supplement policy. 2.If you purchase this policy, you may want to evaluate your existing health coverage and decide if you need multiple coverages. 3.You may be eligible for benefits under Medicaid and may not need a Medicare Supplement policy. 4.If, after purchasing this policy, you become eligible for Medicaid, the benefits and premiums under your Medicare Supplement policy can be suspended, if requested, during your entitlement to benefits under Medicaid for 24 months. You must request this suspension within 90 days of becoming eligible for Medicaid. If you are no longer entitled to Medicaid, your suspended Medicare Supplement policy (or, if that is no longer available, a substantially equivalent policy) will be reinstituted if requested within 90 days of losing Medicaid eligibility. If the Medicare Supplement policy provided coverage for outpatient prescription drugs and you enrolled in Medicare Part D while your policy was suspended, there instituted policy will not have outpatient prescription drug coverage, but will otherwise be substantially equivalent to your coverage before the date of the suspension."
So the supplement can be suspended for a maximum of 24 months is how I read it.

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