Experiences with Humana One?



I am contracted directly with Humana and would like to know how experienced agents feel about them. The rates are very attractive in KY. I have not written any biz with them yet and I am considering taking myself and my two children off our Assurant plan and getting the Humana Autograph HSA.

My best friend had an atrocious experience with them paying claims for a maternity claim with his group Humana plan. Just hoping it was not the norm.

Specifically, have your clients been happy with them?
Do they pay claims to your satisfaction?
How are the rate increases?
How is the underwriting?
How have they treated you as an agent?

Any other info would be a bonus.
I have written maybe one policy and have quoted several others. However most of the ones I have quoted couldn't pass underwriting. They have revamped their plan offerings over the past few months.
Until 6 weeks ago you couldn't give their plans away in GA. With the new series (Portrait, Autograph, Monogram) they finally have something to show clients. In the last 6 weeks I have submitted 7 apps to Humana. One was pended, 4 were issued, two are in underwriting.

I have only had one rate up (for cholesterol), the others issued as applied.

I am very pleased with what I see.

I don't care for their no Rx plans but I do like the Monogram & HSA Plus Rx. If I can keep up the pace I could have $60k - $75k by years end.

Right now I use GR for most of my clean cases and the ones where a rider on outpatient treatment is not an issue and Humana for most of the rest. Their Monogram plan is unbeatable in my opinion. HSA is reasonably strong & Autograph plans are good for many situations. Don't see myself writing much of the Portrait series except where someone wants rich benefits with maternity.
The only Humana policy I quote is the one with six office visits. It has a $5000 ded on major items and has RX coverage with a big ded. on non-generics.

It's a nice starter policy, but is not designed to compete with other company's best products.
Naturally I can only speak intelligently (maybe!) about Florida, but here in the Sunshine State Humana has made a 500% improvement over the last year or so.

New plan design is great. Expanded networks. Priced competitively too. I've had good luck with their underwriting so far - reasonably fast and fair.

Additionally, they are filed with the FL DOI (as opposed to an association group plan) so the premium increases should be much more reasonable.
Great info guys.

Looks like I am taking my first app on Monday.

What method for taking applications are you using? Web, warm transfer, or paper?

With regards to HSA are you using one of their 3 recommended banks or another bank for HSA accounts?
Online app. Did a transfer last week for a guy who had a Mac. Humana only likes Windows . . .

I would never use a paper app.

I screen my clients thoroughly. I send them a copy of the paper app for review & we go over it before it is ever submitted. I also tell them how to answer the questions from the underwriter.

I really don't get involved in the HSA side with any carrier. For Humana I would probably recommend Chase. I suggest Exante for GR for obvious reasons.
dont write anyone over the age of 50.... dont even think about it here in texas. the chief underwriter said to me point balnk..... we dont want those clients.... i do sell them... but that was enough to piss me off..... also, if they get exclusions the client must sign via electronic email they get... have had 3 clients get confused and humana would not allow it any other way..... they are NOT agent friendly....