Global Atlantic has had a huge intake of business and have had to increase their number of employees with the huge increase in business. It’s happens especially with this quick interest rate hikes for the first time in 14 years of seeing annuity rates in the 5% plus mark. They have plenty of opportunities with bonds and treasuries to place this business. Expect delays but times will change. 30 plus years here and seen it before in different ways.
I'm guessing it's so they show up at the top of the raters when a carrier screen is run. Like naming your business AAAAAAAA Medicare back in the old yellow pages days.

Of course if the site user name list is any indication, AAAetc Medicare still wouldn't get you at the top of the list. There are something like 14 and 1/3 pages of user names beginning with numbers, preceeding user names that begin with @ and letters.

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