Greetings from Tennessee


My name is Wayne. I have been viewing the Forum for several weeks and have found that there is a wealth of knowledge shared here. I have been married to my High School sweet heart for 22 years and we have a 3 year old little girl who is the apple of my eye.

I have been around the Insurance world all my life, my Dad is a 40+ year veteran of the biz. So I understand what it is like to eat bologna one week and steak the next. I tried the Insurance business after fulfilling my enlistment in the US Navy about 18 years ago. I didn't have a clue of what to do and where to go and hated the job and left after only a few short months to pursue other interest in Law Enforcement. I have been a Police Officer for 10 years and still remain active as a Reserve Officer. The last six years I have been the VP of Leasing & Property Management for a Commercial Real Estate Development Company. Let me just say that working for inlaws or should I say outlaws has come to a bitter sweet end.

I think that my travel through life has now prepared me to return to the Insurance World. I will be focusing in the Final Expense market and have been appointed as an Independant Agent with the Company my Dad has been with for over 35+ years.

Now you have the cliff notes version of who this Mr. Final Expense guy is.

I now eat what I kill.


We have several different companies, three to be exact. However, I will be focusing on my main line until I have my feet wet. There a guys that has been with this company for many years and are making a very good living. I plan on picking up some companies of my choice within the year.

Thanks for the question.

Newby, Thanks for the Welcome.

I'm located in the upper East Tennessee area (Tri-Cities) and will be Licensed in TN, VA and NC.


That must be over by Johnson City. I've been there. Beautiful country.

You have a small IMO over there that is friendly and easy to work with. Greg Moore at Assurco. Asurco Insurance Marketing They can help you get going in final expense and Med Sups if you are looking.