Guidance for New Life Agents

How to Outperform your Past and Rewrite your Future

…in the life insurance business

As a tactical coach to life insurance advisors, I’m tired of watching them just get by because they can’t sell professionally. Too many advisors I meet don’t have the sales skills they need to deliver their knowledge to their prospects effectively and get the results they want.

Because of that:

· They can’t find a prospect and they don’t know what to say when they do.

· They can’t get enough appointments.

· They don’t know how to choose the right product.

· They can’t make a good presentation.

· They can’t close a deal.

· They don’t know how to service their business.

· And they are lost in virtual sales.

What’s worse, insurance advisors tend to use business development ideas that apply ONLY TO investment and financial planning practices, and they expect to be insurance all-stars. Except insurance industry all-stars are doing something else altogether.

Hi, I’m Jim Ruta and If you want to be a top insurance sales professional and earn what they earn. Or if you are underperforming your potential today and you want to learn from the best in the business – like Bruce Etherington, Van Mueller, George Sigurdson, and others, you need SOLIS. It’s all about what all-stars do.


SOLIS is the new, live, virtual “School Of Life Insurance Sales”
dedicated to providing new and veteran life insurance advisors the professional sales skills they need to build their best business. A monthly subscription program you can start anytime, SOLIS uses a conversational approach between world-class coaches, trainers, and top life insurance advisors and me. We will cover every aspect of the professional sales process and discuss it in detail with a top producing practitioner.

You’ll learn timeless truths, time-tested strategies and tactics, and new ideas that boost your business. You receive recordings of each session, educational handouts, a subscription to Advisorcraft Online coaching reports and podcasts, and exposure to some of the best advisors in the world. This way you can model the best in the business.

Get more details at SOLIS - School of Life Insurance Selling or contact me, Jim Ruta at [email protected].

If you're in the forum's Professional Life Agent Insurance Discussion Group (slightly renamed so I can just call it PLAID), we've been continuing our Group Expert Series of webinars!

March: David McKnight... yes, THAT one!

Also in March, Kelly Smith, CLU, ChFC discussing Pre-Leveraged Contributory ESOP plans:

April: Tyson Bailey on creating digital marketing systems:

May: Tom Hegna... yes, THAT one, discussing how to help your clients become millionaires and his upcoming book (still yet to be published) and *I* will be quoted in it!

June: Douglas Eze, an MDRT Top of the Table producer:
July: Antonio Filippone, an MDRT Top of the Table producer discussing adult educational workshops:

August: @HoosierLife, yes from right here on the forum, discussing his CRM program:

September: Barry Rutten, CFP discussing Objection Avoidance and Objection Handling - this is VERY good!

October: Dr. Sanjay Tolani (372 TIMES MDRT production last year!) Just a wonderful presentation by a true master of this business and, quite possibly, the TOP INSURANCE AGENT IN THE WORLD!!

So yeah... we've been busy.

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