HealthAmerica - Thoughts on them??


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Hey everyone,

I went to a seminar last week for HealthAmerica and their offering individual PPO plans with no deductibles or co-insurance.

Anyone have any experience with them? I searched the forum and couldn't find anything on them..

Looks like they are part of the Coventry group. Can't say how they will play out in your area but here is what I see in GA.

They came here a year ago. They have about a dozen plans, mostly copay and a few HSA plans. Rates are bundled with dental & vision and are attractive . . . until you get to underwriting.

Underwriting here has been schizophrenic. They decline a guy who had a motorcycle accident 2 yrs ago (full recovery) but take a lady with two prior issues with cancer and do a 20% rate up.

Go figure.

Paper apps. Reasonably quick turn around in underwriting. No pre-screen. Underwriting manual is a joke. (Use of Accutane is an auto decline).

They farm out the dental (Delta) and vision so the major med policy comes separate from the dental & vision. Sometimes dependents are left off the dental & vision that are on the major med.

I have not been impressed with them at all. Good for show but final action is a crap shoot.
Coventry bought AvMed, a good sized HMO player in South Florida. Supposedly they're rolling out IFP (here in the Bay Area at least) third quarter this year.

They called me in an attempt to gather market intelligence. When I asked them what they were bringing to the table that wasn't already there, they were stumped.

Go figure.
Is this a Coventry trend? Launched in MD a year ago - rep recently called me couple of months ago - asked about business.

No online apps, GR kills rates for healthy clients, Coventry declines for non-healthy. My rep also was stumped.

$2,500 cap on meds - no name brand at all on $2,500 and $5,000 deductible plans.