Hello - New Member From Northern California

Hi Everyone,

I just joined this forum today and am excited to meet and network with other insurance professionals. I am relatively new to the industry, with a little less than two years of experience in P&C. I got licensed and am lucky to have found a great independent agency to work with, where the president who has 20+ years experience has mentored me and guided me along the rough entry into this industry. I have been in the transition process of moving from learning/helping him on his accounts to now developing some of my own accounts and hopefully build myself a nice book of business.

I am targeting small business accounts with premiums of less than 50k for Prop/GL/WC/E&O/D&O/UMB/EPLI/Bonds We have direct appointments with The Hartford, OneBeacon, Magna Carta, Crusader, First Comp, Midwest, Century National etc. and access other markets through NIA, AllRisks, AmWINS, etc.

I am having a hard time right now to find business. I try to get as much exposure as possible, going to events and visiting businesses passing out my business cards, as well as phone calls. Being fairly young, I am thinking that people might be hesitant to put their trust in me for their insurance needs. I have been considering signing up for lead generation services like NetAgent, etc. but am unsure if it's worth it, anyone have experience with it? I am glad to have found a group that understands what I am going through. It would be great to hear some advice from experienced agents.

Have a great day!;)
Greetings and salutations NoCal- I wasn't in P&C; I was in health, life and med supps for about 5 years and did fairly well. That's a different ballgame than PC so I can't speak to that, but wanted to say welcome and this forum has a wealth of experience to offer!!!!
Welcome.I 'm a L&H agent also in Norcal. I used to work at Selectquote (captive) in San Francisco knocking out term. I left recently to go independent and I'm looking for MGA/MO to hook up with for good contracts. I'm going to focus on Term, Mortgage Insurance/Final Expense and possibly get into health for the first time. I've read quite a few posts from different agents about different agencies,percent commissions etc. but I'm still not sure how I'm going to proceded. I've been in financial sales for over 20 years and I'm looking forward to getting started. Anyway, welcome and good luck.

Thank you all for the warm welcome. Grant: It looks like you have some good info on your habitualsalesman website, I'm bookmarking it to check out when I have some more time. Anyone have any tips for me as I am fairly new to the industry?
There are a number of free magazines available, such as Life Insurance Selling, Agent's Sales Journal and I am sure there are some for P& C . Ask around.