Hello to all at Insurance Forum from Des Moines IA

I registered at IF to try to network with all to try to get referral to a good company in Des Moines IA who will allow me to sell in the Senior Market in the Des Moines IA area.

I am 67 and want to work part time. I am licensed. I can do my own leads, and need no supervision to write business. I have experience with LTC - Final Expense - and Medicare

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Hello fellow insurance agents...

A few of you have read my introduction...but curiously you ignored my request for help???

The excuse would be "I don't live in Iowa..." ???

Not a good one....at least make sense if you are going to use an "excuse".

Many Companies are licensed to sell in many states....your contacts in your companies may have people in Iowa...it seems an easy task to say you have passed me along to the right people...

Every insurance agent I've ever met...says...I'm in this to help people???

So, help me.
Hello ripsaw67. You might try American Republic Insurance. They recruit agents to work in the med supp and individual major medical markets. Are you currently appointed with any insurance company, or associated with a marketing organization? Were you thinking career or independent? Best in the business to you from out yonder in West Des Moines.
Hey Ripsaw67,

I HIGHLY recommend a FMO called Senior Marketing Specialists. They sell Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Final Expense/Whole Life, Long Term Care, and Part D Plans. You can call them at 800-689-2800. Their website is below.

Senior Marketing Specialists.
Another thing about SMS to is that while they are NOT located in Des Moines, Iowa they offer a lot of support and training for the Senior Life and Health insurance market. Their office is actually located in Columbia, Missouri...about 4 hours away from Des Moines.
If you are looking for med supps, med advs, or final ex, let me know... expecially if u need no training or leads... this means higher commissions...