Help Please from Gurus re: 65+ COBRA/Medicare


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Hi Gang,

Came across an odd one today and could use some help.

Person, 70, exhausting COBRA 4/1/08 (apparently went onto COBRA age 68-69) is being told no extension in CA to 7/1/08 when she picks up Part B of Medicare.

So, I guess my questions are:

1 - BCC is telling me people 65+ Medicare eligible are not supposed to be offered COBRA continuation but are supposed to go out to Medicare. Is this true?

2 - In a situation like this, wouldn't loss of group coverage permit special Part B enrollment off cycle (like the turning 65 month)?

3 - If, in fact she is not eligible beyond the questionable federal COBRA and has a gap between 4/1 and 7/1, any ideas what kind of coverage I could help her get since all individual is 0-64 max?

Anyone encountered something like this before?

Just talked to Ceridian about this and they say that anyone 65+ who is eligible for Medicare prior to election of COBRA is not eligible to elect COBRA. If Medicare eligibility occurs after the COBRA election, then it can be continued for the full 18 months.

I think perhaps Blue Cross is seeing the extension of coverage as a new election of continuation and, as such, anyone eligible for Medicare would not be eligible for continuation. Makes sense from that perspective.

Question I have then is Medicare eligibility predicated on Part A enrollment or Part B enrollment?