How to Contact CMS for website help?


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I had recently changed my phone number and now I am trying to intergrade CMS website with health sherpa and I cant because of the 2 step authorization is going to a dead phone number

I tried using the chat bot and this cannot help me

I tried calling CMS Medicare and they cannot help me nor give me a phone number to call
there does not seem to be a number in the site unto help or anything

how do I contact anyone?
Maybe try these:

Have questions? Contact the Agent/Broker Email Help Desk at [email protected].
Need support?​
Contact Agent Support:
M–F 6am–4pm PST
Closed Sat & Sun
(888) 684-1373
[email protected]

Awesome I did not think to call Health Sherpa but they were able to give me the number to CMS right away

If anyone else looks at this tread to find number

It is 855 - 267 -1515

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