"Insurance, You Indemnify Me" short Video: What do you sell?

Shawn... I know what you're really selling. You can't pull your sly little tricks on me, I'm a highly educated professional. Let me guess, this is one of those 'reverse' financing schemes.. I hand over some of my hard-earned money to you and your insurance companies in the form of 'reverse loan payments' (What you call "Premiums")? Then you promise to help me out if things go south in the future? Sneaky sneaky!

Then I presume you want to look at my 'exposure' so you can finance the risk properly and transfer it onto one of your insurance companies? Very devious behavior indeed.

I imagine then, when one of these things you promised to transfer the risk from occurs, you then reach into your cosmic piggy bank and 'indemnify' me out of your 'risk pool'?

I know a classic reverse financing scheme when I see one. I prefer to retain all of my own risks and go bankrupt instead when something bad happens, thank you very much. :mad:

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