Interesting Questions on NAF Auto Claim.


I rec'd an acceptance on my offer to the ins carrier this morning. Figured I'd take my story off the net for now.
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Get your bodyshop to start repair on the est and have them file additional estimates based on damage after teardown. Also file a complaint against the other carrier with your DOI. Most carriers respond differently to the DOI
you can read it here I think. about 6 paragraphs in is where it gets pretty interesting & maybe why the OP was embarassed .

Not embarassed at all. Was just a naf claim that involved driving for Lyft with a rider that made it more diffucult that I was looking for some guidance on. Wasn't expecting the carrier to accept my offer (was the last day) but received an email this morning where they did accept. Didn't want the adj, or one of his co-parts to read my post and possibly change their mind so I deleted, atleast for now.

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