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Just came across an old email (Jan '08) from Leadbot, pumping up their "exclusive" leads.

Onyone have any experience with them; Good or Bad?

Here is what the email stated:

*Leads are NOT shared, only sold to one agent
*Our call center calls each lead to screen out bad #'s
*Guaranteed Fresh - Realtime from our Call Center
*Backed by Replacement Policy

New Pricing:
Statewide - $16/ea.
Radius - $18/ea.
There's actually a few sources out now with exclusive leads. Do a little searching - they're there and ROI is fantastic. Much much better than shared returns.
I would take a shared NON AFFILIATE lead over an exclusive AFFILIATE lead any day.

Exclusive of a junk lead is still a junk lead.
Exactly. HOW the leads are generated is all the difference. I'm doing an extensive amount of lead research now - buying from many different sources to post reviews for my members.

Very interesting results so far. I have lead companies where I called (within seconds) 20 leads and only 3 or 3 answer. Then I have sources where I get 20 leads and 6 to 8 answer - big difference.

I'm also asking everyone I get a hold of how they came to submit the quote. Pretty interesting tactics some of these affiliates are using. I'm having the prospects forward me their emails and take me to the landing pages where they filled out the quotes.

Some leads companies won't really be in love with my results when I post them. They really need to monitor their affiliates better.

It's already clear to me who some of the worst lead companies are - and I'd really want to make it public and expose them to a feeble attempt (that won't work) to get them to change their tactics.
I'm glad there are others doing that type of research. For quite some time, I have been logging what "search words" customers are using.

AS TX said, it is quite important to know how extensive affiliate penetration has become with certain lead providers.

And of course...some owners of lead companies have a rather "checkered" past. I'm a little reluctant to post that information, so hopefully someone else will.
I'm gonna compare the pitch I got from the company rep as to how the leads work; how they're generated, etc..to the actual results. It's already hilarious.

We all know the usual suspects. Some of their leads are simply horrendous. Amazing to me is the quality difference. For example, on one source over 60% are foreign and on another source in the same state less than 10% are foreign.

I've found "GUARANTEED ISSUE HEALTH" landing pages and "Coverage starting a $39.95" etc...

It's me and some very proven producers working them. Again, results are incredible - especially when you start talking to people about what ads they saw.
And of course...some owners of lead companies have a rather "checkered" past. I'm a little reluctant to post that information, so hopefully someone else will.

Great Chumps found out about how I stole little Jimmys #2 pencil in 3rd grade, I knew this would catch up with my one day.

Yes I know some people selling leads because they are no longer permitted to sell insurance either from the state or no one wants to deal with them for ripping too many people off.

Affiliate leads are generally all junk I don't care how you spin it. There are a FEW and I stress FEW exceptions but overall affiliate leads are going to require a lot of work and yield smaller percentage results.