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In all the training I did I was reading over and over about company leads. Are any of you getting these leads and how?
UHC sends me a bone every so often, but certainly not a steady stream. I assume the vast majority of their leads stay in-house. And why not? The turnover is probably high and I imagine they are on salary anyhow.
If you mean the USPC, then I have received close to 100 leads since August. The Norvax (Prospect Zone) leads are junk but I did manage to write 3. Closing ratio wasn't great but the leads were free so it is like found money.

They recently offered me telemarketed leads under the same deal. I got 10, closed 1 and have two more on the back burner.

So that is 4 sales out of 100 leads and no cost to me.

Yes, I would say it is working for me.
Yea, the USPC leads were garbage. I think out of the 600 dollars in credited leads, I sold three policies. At least the leads didn't cost me anything. Hell, I still have 50 dollars credit in my Norvax account...been there a couple months now!

Don't know about inhouse UHC leads, though.
My fiance and I both get great leads through the Siebel CRM with them. They consist of set appointments, people that have called in and want to enroll, etc. They are great, we stopped cold calling and only use their leads.
ICA is Independent Career Agent (or something like that) - you sign a contract with UHC that you will sell ONLY their policies, no competitor policies (unless the type of policy a competitor offers in that area is not one that UHC writes). The alternative is going through a GA, which is simply a layer between that has to get paid. The attractiveness of ICA is higher commission and supposedly leads provided. Unlike Michellea's case, every agent I know is being given absolute crap for leads. I'm hearing the "leads" are people who attended a seminar a year ago or something like that.