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Has anyone ever used Transfer Guru at ?
They use pre recorded messages and if the consumer hits the 1 on the phone, it's transferred to the agent. You can even use your own pre recorded message or have them do it. I'd like to hear from anyone that knows something about the company and the quality of their service. Thanks!

If they're doing residential that's a DNC violation. You cannot call residences with pre-recorded messages and the drop rate can't be more than 3%. Which means if 100 people pick up the phone 97 have to connect with someone. You cannot leave any recording on a machine unless you have an established biz relationship. You can do business to business calls, not residential.
That would be there prob right. Do we really have time to validate the practices of lead guerillas. Theres not a company ive used yet that doesnt walk the line
No - that would be YOUR problem, don't think you are off the hook hiring a telemarketer - you can be in just as much trouble.

Either way - calling with pre recorded message you are going to get some of the lowest life form bottom of the barrel crap leads you can ever imagine.

Would you respond to such a recording?
That would be there prob right. Do we really have time to validate the practices of lead guerillas. Theres not a company ive used yet that doesnt walk the line

There's a difference. If you know it's illegal before you hire them then you're on the hook. Also, why would any professional want to break the law to get prospects.

Now, if you outsourced to a company that said they did not violate the DNC rules and did so without your knowledge you're probably still on the hook. Remember it's not the company leaving their information - they're leaving your information. So you'd get sued then have to turn around and sue the company.

And just because it's illegal doesn't mean they aren't a lot of companies out there still doing it. Companies still fax blast and that's illegal also. Just don't affiliate yourself with those outfits.
Can someone from TransferGuru jump in on this post?

I see them on the AMPM forum posting a lot. They claim to have some big name clients on their web page, such as FEDEX, DELL, SPRINT and more - I can't imagine these clients wouldn't check these guys out pretty good.

The big question is if they are targeting residential? Do they provide anything in WRITING certifying they are not violating DNC rules and THEY take the responsibility for DNC violations?

I looked into this in the past dealing with pre recorded calls and "press 1" to be "live" connected - what you get is A LOT of "F*** OFFS" - just FYI it is not for the weak at heart - a lot of people PRESS 1 to tell you to go F yourself or to get your information to report you to the DNC police.

Also there should be a minimum seconds provision? i.e. first 20 seconds are free - so when you hang up on the F OFFS you are not charged $15 a pop.

There is another outfit out of L.A. that does the recorded messages thing - a lot for ROP term life agents. When I told him I did HEALTH , specifically INDIVIDUAL consumer health - he said "don't waste your time" - the people that will press 1 are all uninsurable or have no money. According to this outfit he won't even take business from agents doing individual health because he said it never works unless you have a FIXED price point and guaranteed issue (like discount plan).

I would be curious to try the live transfers , however I really would like someones opinion on using pre recorded tele marketing, specifically for individual health - as I already see an uphill battle of challenges.
Some of these outfits are a piece of work. About two years ago I looked into fax blasting and didn't know it was illegal. I was talking with one company that was raving about the results I'd get.

Before signed on with them I did some Google research and found out it was illegal - which perplexed me. How can any large company be in business doing illegal marketing?

I called and they didn't flinch - they said the law was "gray" and subject to interpretation. I said "looks pretty clear to me. You can't fax blast anyone."

What the conversation came down to was whether or not I could get away with it. So, now they admit they can't fax blast (yet it's all this company does for business) and I start talking about liability. That's when it went downhill. In their agreement it clearly stated that all legal liability was on me.

enough said on that.

As for violating the DNC rules; these outfits know they get very few complaints. Most people simply delete the message and go about their day. The ones who do call and complain will just say "take me off your list" and leave it at that. Most people don't have the time or energy to actually sue which is how these companies continue to promote illegal marketing.
A lot of these companies also dial in from off-shore, which makes it hard to enforce the automated dialer portion of the do-not-call rules.

Many people try to get around this by only leaving messages on answering machines (actually watching the do-not-call list) and if a person answers, the system will say something like 'Oops, sorry, wrong number', avoiding the abandonment rate issue. Still not legal, but you can almost get by with it because no one would know it's a machine. Not ethical, not legal, and pretty much a waste of time, since the liklihood of someone calling back is pretty much 0, but people still do it.

I can't imagine even considering using a service such as this. As was mentioned above, would YOU answer such a call?

Didn't think so.

Waste of time AND money in one fell swoop...what a bargain!