LTCi for seniors


I'm in the process of finding a company to hire on with. Can anyone recommend any good, effective video presentations and/or scripts for making LTCi presentations to seniors? I've been told that some of these companies pay well and have good company provided leads, but try to force-feed multiple pages of canned scripts to their new agents to get them out in the field faster before they have full knowledge of the product and that as a result it is very difficult for the new agents to have an effective presentation that is natural and flowing. In case I run into this situation, I would like to be armed with something that I can tailor to my own personal style that will cover all of the important points, but will allow me to focus on the prospect's needs, the product being sold, and not have to be thinking the entire time of whether I'm saying the right words verbatim from the company provided muiltiple page script. I appreciate any help anyone can provide as I am just getting started in this business. Thanks.

You are viewing scripts,IMO, incorrectly. Scripts help an inexperienced agent cover the important points of a product and make the entire sales process stay on the tracks. As you gain experience the script can be personalized. Trust me, a script is invaluable in the early stages of your career, you don't have to reinvent the wheel, others have paved the way. Good luck, Genworth use to have a great training program and provide new agents with leads.
There have been many agents out there that start with a carrier (captive) and try to do their own thing.

The carrier wants you to make sales. If you do not sell, they do not get paid either.

Start with what works for the carrier. After you get comfortable, you can start doing you own personalization of their script or methods.

Each sales situation is different, but that does not change the basic information that needs to be addressed.
I'm trying to understand why you would want to go captive to a particular company to do LTCI.

Regardless of the support you expect to get (or think you will get) why not stay independent?

I use Hancock, Genworth. Penn and Allianz and can use what is appropriate out of my toolbox.

Right now, my biggest sales tool is the Allianz product since it allows the client to "up" their coverage every 5 years without additional underwriting. So, someone younger can get into a very cheap, basic policy --let's say $120 day for 3 years coverage. I'm doing one now for a 55 year old lady and the premium is $540 per year. In five years if she meanwhile has diabetes and a stroke, she can up hercoverage to $200 a day for 8 years regardless of her medical condition and without paying higher premiums based on her then current health condition. She would, of course, just have to pay the additional premium for the additional coverage based on her original health rating.

A very good selling tool, wouldn't you say? If she doesn't need more insurance, keep paying at the low rate. If her health conditions go sour, she up her coverage.