Medicare A & B vs. MA plans?


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Looking for input or perhaps a link to general information on this topic. Not my area and hoping for some input.

Here is case-

Couple who are late 60's and in poor health. Both smoke and have number of health issues. Currently they have Medicare A,B and PDP plans. They could not afford more then say an additional $40 per month for each person. This couple lives in Wayne county, MI.

What is advantage of adding a MA plan for these folks?

Would the $0 Premuim MA plans provide any help?

Pulled up Humana's $0 prem. plan [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Sans-Serif] Medicare Benefits: Find affordable Medicare plans at Humana Medicare [/FONT]
Hoping one of you experienced folks could take a quick look and provide some feedback.

Family friends who asked for assistance on choosing or not and again my knowledge level is not on-par to provide detailed insight. Looking to provide some general info to them.

Lets not even go into Sup. as can not afford nor pass underwriting I would think.

Thank you.