Need Advice...before jumping in!


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I've spent several weeks reviewing the posts on the forum before finally posting. There's some great information and advice here. I'm hoping some of you pros can steer me in the right direction since I'm a "boomer" career changer.

I'm planning on taking the L & H exam next week and want to get off to fast start in Health insurance sales here in NC...and do it the right way.

I've got a strong work ethic, motivation and have been "running my own show" as a salesman, consultant and independent contractor (home office based) for years. Most of my work has been in consumer product sales to major retailers (Wal-Mart, Target etc). I am looking to get out of selling to that limited corporate client base ...and into individual and small biz sales of Health insurance with possible cross-selling of Life.

I've got a couple of questions and concerns before I make the leap into full time Health and Life sales in NC.

There was a series of posts and responses (6/07) about how difficult the health insurance market is in NC because of the dominant market share and power BCBS has in the state.

Someone even commented that you would need (now or in the near future) to be an exclusive agent offering BCBSNC or you couldn't get appointed at all.

Anyone have an update on BCBSNC and the general health insurance mkt in NC? Do you have to sign with a BCBSNC general agent or an exclusive contract to offer their plans?

I've reviewed the getting started forum and I know most newbies are encouraged to start out as a captive agent with a major ins co with a great training program. I see the logic and the value in going that route but I really want to jumpstart an independent business.

Anyone know of a NC based or NC savvy mentor or company who could put me on a fast track? I'll do whatever it takes to learn the plans, the carriers, prospect, make the calls, hit the street and close the sales.

Thanks in advance to all for your help and advice.
I have tried to contact BCBSNC about a dozen times. Started w/ their broker/agent services and was given the name and tel# for the District Mgr in my area. Get voice mail every time with no call back.
If you go to their website you should be able to find the Agent Appointment paperwork. Download it, fill it out and send it in, if you want to go exclusive or captive I really don't have a clue?
Thanks for the suggestion. First step I took was to go to the BCBSNC website. The Prodicer Services section is a secure area, requires registration and "You must be an appointed BCBSNC sales producer or BCBSNC employee to register."

Called their Individual Sales Services number and was told that I would need to speak to the local District Sales Mgr. I have his name, number and have left multiple messages requesting information or a simple far no response.

Looks like the next step is simply call their local Brokers, sales office or agents to find out what the story is.