Need Dental Insurer for Procedure Code: A24273

Typically you want to insure yourself prior to needing a procedure. Think if you bought car insurance after your accident and you want it covered.
That said, there’s no great dental plan out there anyways. Get care credit and get it done.
Caveat, NOT an agent.

Most dental insurance plans categorize dental care as Preventive, Basic, or Major services. I don't know whether your procedure would fall in the Basic or Major category. Usually Dental Insurance companies require waiting periods of 6 to 12 months before they will make any payments for Basic or Major services. Basic services often have a shorter waiting period than Major services.

To get a beginning idea of Dental Insurance costs and coverage waiting periods, you could talk to your state's Delta Dental and Blue Cross Blue Shield plan carriers.

I have never used a dental discount plan so I don't know how they work or what level of savings they provide, but you could ask your Dentist's office if there is a discount plan they would accept that would give you some savings on the cost of your service.

You could discuss financing options with your Dentist's office.

I have never used the following site.
This link is NOT A RECOMMENDATION. It is simply an addition piece of information for you to evaluate for yourself. This site offers some savings plans and insurance options:
Dental Plans dot com
Here is one other national site (same caveats apply):
[EXTERNAL LINK] - Compare Dental Insurance Plans on the Web's A+ Rated

I personally use UHC dental insurance. Their network is limited and I have no idea how they would deal with your particular service need.

If your service can wait awhile and you use ACA health insurance, you can look at dental coverage when you do your ACA health enrollment this fall. I think you have to do your dental enrollment at exactly the same time you do your health enrollment to get the dental coverage through ACA. (And those plans may also have limited networks.)
Oh, and also recognize the Dental Insurance plans will only pay a percent of the cost.
Maybe 60-80 percent of basic procedure costs and 40-50 percent of major procedure costs.

and the procedure cost to which the percent is applied is the plan's allowed amount for the service, NOT THE DENTIST'S RETAIL CHARGE FOR THE SERVICE.