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I'm new here and have been browsing. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone. Looks like a great forum.
A little about me. I have owned a P/C-Group Health Agency for 14 yrs in Georgia. Look forward to sharing ideas
Just saying hello to everyone, I am new. I have been licensed in VA for a few years. I have worked with Aflac, Allstate, and State Farm as a producer. I have been offered an opportunity to be an agent with Farmers and I think I am going to try it. Looking them up and doing research is how I found this site. Thanks! Christy:biggrin:
Thanks for the welcome everyone. I'm a little south of downtown Atlanta in a once sleepy town called McDonough. Not sleeping any longer.
I have really enjoyed reading through the forum. Looking forward to more.
Good luck to all the new guys. It's a rewarding business.
Olivia - sti has a good point look them up. I sent you a PM.

Deb - I am a licensed agent as far as the state is concerned. As far as Aflac I was a sales producer. The others I was a staff person selling and servicing my agents clients.