New to the site and the business


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Hello Everyone,
I'm very new to the industry,I havent gotten my licensce yet, and I'm learning about alot of different tools used to obtain leads and build a business. But as I read through some posts I see some talk about genertating my own marketing machine. So my first question would be quite frankly what is that and how is it started?

Another subject i wanted to bring up is training. My friend that I'm starting inot this with is fairly new to the business himself therefore i can only look to him for guidance but so far. I live in Baltimore, Md and Healthagent's association IHIAA looks like a good start for support and training. has anyone else used his services or knows of any other services that can be used for this previously stated need.

My last request is for advice. I have a full time day job and attend school so my time is limited when it comes to working leads. With moderate success being my immediate goal and hopefully switching my full time job to a part time position at some point. Is it possible to slowly build a business with these time contraints.
I will say that I am very committed to building this business and having it replace my current job completely.

Any and all advice is welcome. I thank all those that respond in advance.