Newbie making a choice



Hello all, I am Interviewing with New York life, Metlife, and aflac, any insight to any or all would be appreciated.
Any place is going to be better than Aflac. Both Metlife and New York Life are much more careful about who they hire. Aflac will hire just about anyone because they know that the chances of the person staying for any length of time are slim to none.
You may have already made the choice but my two cents would be to go with the outfit that seemed to have the best training and the best chance of having a mentor. Metlife or NYL would be good. Also check out other majors or strong INDY offices.
Take a personal inventory. What are you looking for as a career? Can you stand starving for while? What about your family, especially your wife? Can they, and will they help your struggling for a few years? Keep asking yourself and your wife these questions. If you want to become a professional it can be done.... with proper planning. No such thing as overnight success etc etc etc. Learning. experience, polish, confidence and all the How To tapes will be your life for a few years. However, if you want to learn how to make immediate money and how to sell, listen to the pros on this forum. What you really want over the long term is most important.
Don't go to Aflac. Great training, and depending on who you get, the mentoring can be good. Problem is that you won't make very much money, you will be going door to door to businesses and hearing over and over how you are the 10th aflac salesperson. They will rah rah you to death and then pressure you to purchase thier policies so that you can make your next milestone. People love the duck, and the branding is great, but you have to beat the pavement 5 days a week,
and its questionable if you will make much money.