newbie w/P & C, Life/health; where to go?Florida


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I have been offered a career agent with a major company that does life insurance primarily. Good training & compensation schedule including friendly base salary/high payout ( I am new to the field). No problems at all from that end.
I do however also have my P & C license (as well), it would be cool if I could land a company w/good compensation that allows me to do P & C along w/life. I am new and would like some protection of a base salary at least early on. Going independent from the start isnt a reasonable option.

I would like to explore the General Managing agent direction for the commercial side of things if I do go w/the life insurance company, so any ideas of good companies to go with are also welcome.Thanks
I'm confused........are you looking for P/C company contract to go along with the base salary with high payout for the life company you will work for?
Multi-line companies exist. Can't really say what they have to offer.

Chumps can comment on Met. I believe Pru is still in the P&C biz, but wont swear to it.

Then you have companies like State Farm, Allstate, and to a lesser extent Travelers & Safeco.

Just a few ideas to kick around if you want to be a general practitioner.