Odd info on Medicare.gov for a client

I have a T65 in July...enrolled him in an Anthem Med sup last week and a Wellcare Part D plan...all starts July 1st...all approved...has cards, etc.

He called me today and said his Medicare.gov account says he has A&B, a Part D with wellcare,and under the "other" heading where normally the med sup would show, it says he has Connecticut General.

Can't explain it....did not think CG even has Med sups. I personally also have an Anthem Med sup and Wellcare Part D....and my Medicare.gov shows thats what I have.

I suggested he check again after 7/1 to see if it changes...but I hate having no explanation when a client asks a question...other than there is some timing issue.

Any thoughts? He positively has not applied for anything else.

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