Other Companies?


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I have been licensed in Life/Health since May 2007. I started out independent which I soon found to be overwhelming in my attempts to stay afloat. I have since been with Monumental Life since October of 07. I like it because there is a base salary however there products are not competitive outside maybe a "final expense" WL policy. Its kinda hard to know that there are better companies/products out there but I have to push Mons. I know you have to eat what is before you, before you get up, but my question is this, are there other companies that offer competitive products, salary, and training etc. Thanks for all the advice and help. I appreciate it much.


Being independent is no place for a new guy, you are wise in choosing to not try the independent route yet.

My advice is to become successful where you are, learn the ropes, learn to prospect, learn to network, learn to close, learn how to KEEP business on the books. You will learn about other companies by seeing them and competing against them, don't be too quick to jump ship. Many people make a career out of looking for the best deal out there, be a success where you are first.

Work on yourself, learn this business, be a student, learn how to solve problems and you'll be sought out.

Many of the trade magazines are free. Sign up for Life Insurance Selling, and National Underwriter. There are others, do a Google search if you don't know them already.
Thanks David for your answer, I actually agree, just wanting to hit panic button too soon. Thanks again, take care.