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Secure Horizons/ Pacificare Commissions and Changed Benefits


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Hi again.

I have 2 questions / concerns here and I'm hoping you all can share what you know.

My first is: Do they pay on time? In full? Going Street is $400.00 a case. So, say I write 10 deals in Feb. for effective Mar. 01, (keep it simple for hypo) will I be paid $4,000.00 in March?

If any of you are indy and writing Pacificare, would you please share your commissions experience if they're paying you on time? I'm having some PARAMOUNT issues right now with Wellcare and I must write a different company. And it's not just the commissions; it's other primary variables too. I am so disappointed.

I'm curious to know what your experiences are with payment or anything else you'd like to add on Pacificare.

My second concern is on Plan 51. Did you all know they changed the benefits design and it's not for the better on the hospital? WTF... !!! ??? I thought after CMS approved designs they cannot change it? No? What's going on? It jumped from $275.00 per day to $325.00 per day!

Call me psychic or what not, but I had a gut feeling this morning and did a search on line and boom... found it. When I called my fmo to confirm, she didn't even know! Talk about changes and mis communication. She confirmed it; and I was hoping what I found was an error. Can any of you ellaborate on this or say something that I and my fmo is wrong?

Any pieces of info. you can share about my 2 concerns would be much appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.
It takes about 3-4 weeks to get paid. I wrote over 200 apps. with them so far and have been paid on all of them.
I am so happy you responded! And I'm even happier to hear what I was hoping to hear!!! :lol:

Thank you so much for sharing! I am ...... motivated again!!! 8)
CMS used to allow insurance companies that offer Medicare advantage plans the ability to change benefits as long as they write off on the matter.

I am surprised that CMS allowed the hospital benefit to increase, since most of the time insurance companies used the change to improve benefits to remain competitive.
Interesting read about CMS allowing MA co's to change benefits. News to me. I have been writing Universal Health because of the Return of Part B premium in our zip codes in Ga. So far they are taking care of the client.

Got most of my commissions, but they are backlogged so a month or longer from time you sent in app is not unusual to wait for your money.

Didn't know Pacificare paid $400....i get $330 with UNHC. Others pay out $500.... beats the commission on a med supp but sometimes you need that too.
Like I said, I was suprised, and not pleasantly. And I agree, med supps are needed too in certain contexts. Btw, policy doctor the $330.00 went up to $400.00. Check with your upline. At least, that's what I was told. Also, who pays $500.00???? !!!
Thanks, Honest....I did that today. I called my MGA and surprise, they admitted that was true and available from now till end of March. OEP.

So that tells me Pac/Secure Horizons is jealous of their low numbers and are competing aggressively for the business.

But after April 1 $400 will drop to $330. I may sign up under another MGA, I don't like it when an agency doesn't stay in touch to let you know these things. Just suspicious....

Haven't researched yet who pays $500...Sierra, I think, but I can't be with everyone.
I keep getting emails from this company

www.pip1.com -- premier insurance partners

they have all the advantage plans that pay 500 dollars and where they customer gets a 93.50 refund

i have talked to them on several occasions -- they just didnt have anything to offer me here in wyoming

since we are moving back to ohio this summer -- they will come in handy

hope that helps
If you are looking to what is available in your area, look at Medicare.gov.

It will list all that is available in each county.

The only plan that I know of offering a Part B refund is the Pyramid plan, and all the counties that they are doing that now have the commission cut in half.

Watch those plans though, usually one hospital stay or outpatient procedure can wipe out any savings in premium when compared to a plan that might have some premium but lower co-pays.
So Pyramid pays $500? I think they all do? Does anybody know for certain? Maryj, who else pays this much?

Hey Midwest, does the broker contract for Humana pay $500 too? Do you know?

Now getting compensated a few hundred less is REALLY NOT SITTING WELL WITH ME RIGHT NOW.

Whatever any of you know of what companies are paying what, I would greatly appreciate the knowledge.

Thanks in advance.