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Seeking a new FMO

I have never heard of them but there are at least 100 of these that basically offer what Alto is pitching you. And boy, you are looking for hi-tech but you also want to work in the 403b market. Let me put it to you this way, your clientele is still getting adjusted to using the fax machine. Dont have high hopes. This is a make an appointment and meet in person at lunch break market and try to run into others market. If you learn how to talk, great market
With an IMO here and always happy to connect, or to give opinions on IMOs to look at in general if you'd like the distributor-side take. Long-time reader here, Todd King and a couple other IMO owners here give great advice.

We also have a separate, sister marketing agency for independent advisors/agents, and published a list of IMOs for annuity and life here: [EXTERNAL LINK] - List of IMOs and FMOs for Annuity and Life – Safe Money Broadcasting

Also a good, solid post on questions to ask an IMO here: [EXTERNAL LINK] - Finding the Best FMO for Annuity Products: a Complete Checklist – Safe Money Broadcasting