Senior citizen beat down

My ads are clearly about "Burial Insurance." I'm sure it's probably more me than the leads. That being said, facebook leads are being "retargeted" by everyone! Once they click on your ad, they're seeing everyones ad, every where they go, be it facebook, instagram, google, yahoo, etc, etc.
All I see on Facebook anymore is ads trying to sell me life insurance. I counted like 25 in a row the other day. If I was really in the market I would be real hard to close because there are so many I would need to check out.
People that post screen shots of there bank account are the same that drive big trucks to compensate for small anatom

There’s one of my stock accounts on fridays close . I’ve made more this yr than your whole net worth . You better tell Josh Jensen he’s a fuckin piker as he’s been showing his bank deposits for 7 yrs. My philosophy is if you can’t show it it’s nothing but hot air and bs . Now run along and do your videos that get 30 views


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How are the survey Walmart leads going ? I know they pull well but a lot of dead beats just want the $10 card . When I’ve run those leads in the past it’s what I noticed . I’d be interested to see persistency after running those hard for 6-9 months
Depends on your approach, I guess. I haven't had any issues with them, as far as persistency or otherwise. And plenty of folks who already have life insurance mail these in.
Gosh Newby, how old are you, 70? =)
I’m older than dirt.
I’ll be on the turning 65 lists pretty soon. I’ll record every one of the agents that cold calls me and tries to sell me their “free” Medicare benefits.
You can post that up on your YouTube channel.

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