Spina Bifida

I'll keep this in mind the hordes of prospects beating down my door that have spina bifida. ;)


Glad to hear you got him approved!
This is my second one in a year. First one all I had as an option was Time and he refused their offer (high price + full back waiver). If Humana had been available he probably would have taken their offer.
I'm contracted with Humana One, through Benefit Mall, but never have used them. Maybe I should consider quoting them on the individual market, now that the Evil Empire and I will part ways on Dec. 17th (I'M FREE)

I also just went through Humana's On-Line MA Certification classes, and, boy were they extensive and tougher than I thought, but I sure did learn a great deal.

P.S. Just found out from UHC and Pyramid that I can break free from Parker and Associates, and there's nothing they can do about it.