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Just finished a campaign for a gentleman in Miss. for health insurance and wanted to post the results. He bought a 25 hour campaign and we started it this past monday. We finished it on Friday and got this:
Total calls made-2574 (A little lower than our average, but wanted to make sure we spent more time with quality leads)
Got a lead- 58
Messages we left on answering machines- 362
Busy- 45
Call back-413
DNC- 59
No answer- 374
Not interested- 329

As far as sales are concerned, he is working them now. I do know that he did get several calls back from the messages we left on the answering machines and he will get more as some of those people will call him back within a couple of weeks. (This has happened it our test) I think for the money he spent, this a very good value! If he sells one policy off the 58 leads then it has paid for itself. Based on prior results, my assumptions are he will get 1 sale every 7 to 10 leads. I do not know how experienced this gentleman is but at a worst case scenario of 1 sale every 15 leads is almost 4 sales. Still not bad!

Also, wanted to let some of you know that if you wish to make the calls yourself, we are licensing the system to individuals. Meaning you dont have to purchase time slots, leads, or campaigns. You can just license the system, we will fill it with the data you wish. (Meaning: tell us who your market is, eg... Medicare 64 and older, health, life, p&c etc.. and we will license the system to you and you can either make the calls yourself or hire someone to do it for you. The obvious benefits from this are, it is unlimited per month and is a much much better value.
It will be base on month to month, 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year agreement. We are working on the pricing now, but will make it as affordable as we can. Please call office or cell with questions. Also if someone wishes to see the system in person, we can do a webinar and do live calls for a test.- it is a must see!
office- 912-944-2540
Cell- 912-596-8417
I am a bit confused on the system you are taking about that you are selling license for. Are talking about the phone scripts or the actual cold leads like the once you can get unlimited from
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Should this not be in insurance offers?

No matter good luck, hope you and the agents who do this make big money!