Unicare MA plan, need some help

Medicare.Gov has em all.
I've got a really good question, how would that same product work with a dual elligible with a spend down. Where or who can I get that info. Not much in Medicare and You.
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Looks like Unicare has a numbre of programs in allen county...

Medicare.gov - MOC : State By State Plans

Unicare's MA are under the Security Choice Name...

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And just like every MA... When someone is on a spend down they will pay the full 20% of all bills till the spend down is met, with an MA they will pay all the copays until the spend down is met, best bet is to put a Dual Recipient in a SNP plan, if that is not available, then a regular Zero Premium plan would work....

Be careful with PFFS's and Dual Eligibles though, sometimes they may have extra out of pocket costs.

For example here in Ohio we have a PFFS through Secure Horizons... Medical Equipment Copay is 30%... Medicaid only covers 20% that Medicare doesnt cover.... so someone COULD be charged 10%

Hope this helps!
How much do you pay per app?

Do you release agents at anytime?

Do you have to assign commissions to the GA?


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