Vimo Live Transfers


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Interested in information on this...


I used to buy Vimo shared leads, but not anymore.

I have an agent interested in Vimo's live lads and I did a google search. I came across a blog posting by John P. and I was curious if anyone was still using these?
Before the returns I was closing 1 out of 6 bidding $35 = $210 for a deal. Over $200 to get a deal is pretty much my breaking point but there's no effort - the phone just rings.

When they went to no returns I already knew I was returning 3 to get my 1 out of 6 - which would have taken it to 1 out of 9 or $315 for a deal. Nope.
I'm just trying to line up as many discounts as I can - use 'em, don't use 'em. Doesn't really matter to me. If you're gonna use a lead source at least pay the least amount possible.