Vimo Raises Rates 33%...

that's where i started, and if they can make it through the bottom of the barrell leads and make sales then they have a job. really, leads are leads ... sometimes the ones that bought 3 months ago are better than the ones who just looked online and are getting bombarded by all of us! as for myself, i cherry-pick ... i like people who's names end in the letter "y" mostly ... they are always buyers. lol
So the harder it is to get off the ground the better?

There is some value to that statement. If they can close deals with low grade leads, imagine when they get the real time primo leads. It also becomes a ROI issue of "where to put your money".

My inbound calls might cost $60 to $80 averaged out - so I don't want some newbie wasting my money on these leads.

There are some limits though - you don't want to set anyone up for failure either.
You give the worst leads to your new agents??? That's a guaranteed way to loose agents that may someday be worth something. The quickest way to get an agent excited is to put money in their hands as quickly as possible. The quickest way to loose them is to let them spin their wheels and make nothing. Do the math.
I'm not a fan of giving agents free leads. Give 'em top contracts, training and support and have them market or buy their own leads. Agents will never work free leads like they would leads their either bought or generated.
You can't give them free leads. I've learned in the past few months that you can only make available "good" leads at a fair price and be honest about how much support they can expect.

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