Vinyl lettering in back glass


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I am about to have vinyl lettering put on my back glass to hopefully get a few calls for health quotes.

Any ideas on what it should say? Here's a few I thought about:

"STOP paying too much for health insurance! Call now!"

"Great rates for health now!"

"No health insurance? Call now!"
How about....

"Finally, Affordable Health Insurance"

Oooops, sorry I think that one has been used by NASE/Mega:biggrin:

A couple others you could try:

"If Jesus is your health insurance, call me!"
"Interested in zero premium health insurance?"

In all seriousness, I like your first choice best. Just leave out the call now part and have your number. Anyone interested will call. You might want to get a number that can be easily remembered without needing to be written 4insure or something like that even toll free.

First one sounds like a bait and switch teaser third one sounds like you will be getting a lot of calls from the smoking 35+ BMI crowd.
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Use static cling on back glass.

White lettering on clear film - one piece.

You can take it off and put it on 2 dozen + times - then buy another piece if needed.

24" high x up to 48" wide = $99 with storage tube and roller core. $20 additional for white reflective vinyl film. If you want just permanent white vinyl up to 8 sq ft - runs about $60.

Can do colors - but only recommend white on clear.

Matching 2 color vehicle magnetic set - up to 12" high x 24" wide only $99.

One of my businesses is a sign shop. We also do full color business cards - 5k for $149 or 5k - 4"x6" full color post cards for $249.

This isn't my line of work any more - but my wife still does it.