Website Traffic Builders

If it worked it would cost more. Truth be told, most of the plans that cost more don't work either.

Get a good book or two on Search Engine Optimization if you want to promote your site. I don't believe that it can be done casually. It takes a lot of thought, a lot of work and some money. Money helps, but study and re-working your site are more important.
common sense dictates that only "'X" number of websites can get 1st page ranking from an organic search.

So of 100 people paid $10,000 to get their agency listed on the 1st page, 80 of 'em are gonna be ass out.

I'm pretty sure people doing searches for "health insurance quotes" never get to page 2.

Also, if there was a way to get 1st page ranking then why would anyone spend money on PPC.
Getting traffic to an insurance forum is much less competitive than for insurance sales keywords, and it has taken over a year, a lot of money and a huge time investment to get to the point where we get about 1,000 visitors per day.

There is a clear road to get there, but it takes a lot of effort and a lot more than 80 bucks.
I am definitely not qualified to speak about SEO, but from what I have studied it seems that Google will actually rank you lower for using certain paid link services. I could be wrong, but everything I've read says that. Google's goal is to have the most relevant sites come up on page 1 and when you "cheat" by buying links they don't like that.