West Coast Life

West Coast is one of my favorites to write term policies with. I never had a problem with them and the commissions were good.
WCL is a good company, easy to work with, great term rates and good financials. Often they can do better than Banner in terms of the rating (Super vs Standard).

The do ding for parental cancer or heart problems. But so does everyone else now.

I have gotten WCL Super Preferred on people in their 60's (not saying that should be considered the norm).

I just wish I could find a term carrier like WCL that would pay a small trailer for 10 years or so instead of front loading FYC.

WCL's Tele-Life method is the ideal carrier and method for the health agent that does not want to spend a lot of time on life insurance but would still like to take advantage of that business.

Dave020, Liberty Life will still offer Preferred if only one of the two parents have history of heart or cancer issues. That has been helpful in one case I did this year. Also, their smoker rates are good.
What is the street level commissions are you guys getting with WCL and did you appoint directly with the company.

Thanks in advance;
I am appointed with them through Bysis. My commissions are a little higher due to some production requirements. They pay in the ballpark of 100% I believe.