When to move your kid to their own car insurance?

Full time college student. Home for the summer starting next week. She has 3 more years. (hopefully just 3, lol)

A couple of things occur to me.

1 - Does she take the car with her to school? If yes, see if her location has lower rates and endorse the policy for that location while she is away.

2 - If she leaves the car at home during the school year see if you can suspend some or all of the coverage for that period if the car isn't going to be used. There is DANGER there so I would not do that unless you are willing to remove the battery and the wheels so the car cannot be driven. Otherwise, there is going to be an emergency some day and somebody is going to forget that there's no coverage, drive the car, and that's when the inevitable accident occurs. Guaranteed.

3 - If SF means you are with State Farm, sign up for the Drive Safe and Save program. You'll get an electronic device that monitors everybody's cars. You'll get a phone app that will show you her score for every trip she takes.

Could you explain the liability issues?

Rather than regale you with liability horror stories just remember Murphy's Law - Whatever can go wrong WILL go wrong. And Murphy's Insurance Law is that it WILL go wrong exactly when there is a hole in your coverage.

Out of curiosity, would my umbrella policy cover that?

You'll have to read your umbrella policy. It should just add liability limits over what is already on the car policy but not to what you don't have.
I was in a similar situation at that age, but my parents didn't love me as much so they kicked me to the curb and told me to figure it out. It was a good life lesson.

Is she still living at home?

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Here's my advice, based on many years of experience in all three areas:

As long as she is a member of your household, continue to own the car and cover her with your own insurance. You may have to tough it out for a couple of years of surcharges but it's the only way you'll be fully protected from liability lawsuits.

You're at least getting the multi-car discount, and the multi-policy discount if you also have your HO with the same company. That cuts you some slack on the rates.

I owned and insured my daughter's car until she was 23, graduated college, and moved out to take her first full time job. Then I signed the car over to her and she bought her own insurance. There were even a few surcharge years after she rear-ended another car when she was a teenager.

Why do you say this (the bolded/underlined part)? Because dad controls the insurance, can assure there is an umbrella policy in place, etc.? Thanks.